Powder Coat

Powder Coat

The powder paint process is based on the electrostatic application of thermoset or thermoplastic dry paint that comes in the form of small particles.

The powder includes a large spectrum of colors, consistency, texture, hardness, flexibility, edge coverage, smoothness and temperature range of polymerization.

Duplex System : E-coat + Powder coat

It is a combination technique, widespread in some industries like automotive, when there are large outdoor requirements.

The powder coating and electrocoating complement each other improving corrosion resistance, improving resistance to multi-impact stone chipping test, enabling the application of different colors and featuring (depending on the type of paint) a good resistance to ultraviolet rays,

Kind of paints

  • Epoxi (corrosion OK, UV resistence NOK)
  • Hybrids
  • Polyester (corrosion NOK, UV resistence OK)

This paint can be applied to previously processed parts with treatments such as phosphate, zinc, blasting and / or electrocoating.


Pretreatments: Clean, degrease and prepare the surface.

Drying: It eliminates moisture in parts to avoid lumps of particles when painting.

Cabin: Paint particles are applied by pistols in automatic or manual process depending on the geometry of the part. These particles remain attached to the piece through an electrostatic effect. The paint thickness can be between 60 and 200 microns.

Oven:  The coating paint applied polymerizes and cures after more than 20 minutes to over 180 ° C


  • Solution compatible with the environment, 100% organic.
    • Excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and wear.
    • Variable thickness
    • Weatherability (good exposure to UV)
    • Choice of color, texture and gloss level


  • Theoretical production capacity 12.000 m2/day
  • Maximum size: 1500mm  x 3500mm  x 600mm
  • Different pretreatments depending of metal substrate
    • Bicationic phosphating for iron parts
    • Zirconium-Titanium conversion for aluminium parts
  • Two cabins with powder extraction recovery
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