Environment and climate change

Our facilities, processes and ways of working are designed to respect our environment.

    • We have water purification systems.
    • Our waste is managed by authorised waste management entities.
    • We apply management and waste minimization programs.
    • External laboratory control the quality of our emissions and waste.

Pincasa is certified according ISO14001 by SGS.

The company has also AAI Nº 467-10/AAI/CV (Autorización Ambiental Integrada) certified by EQA.

Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI) is an administrative intervention figure that includes and replaces a set of six environmental approvals prior to this law, which establishes the requirements of environmental (emission limits, waste generation per unit of production, etc.) for the operation of a facility.

Environmental Policy

PINCASA, aware of the need for conservation and protection of the environment, assumes the commitment to prevent and minimize the environmental impacts derived from the manufacturing of metal parts by e-coating Coating and Powder Paint, as well as by Assemblies.

Management is committed to aligning environmental management, quality management and prevention of occupational hazards, as well as the organization’s strategies, establishing environmental goals and objectives, assigning responsibilities, resources and execution deadlines, all of which always based on continuous improvement and sustainable development, reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Our commitment, on which this environmental policy is based, is aimed at:

  • Comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and with other requirements derived from the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Prevent pollution by using the most appropriate technology in order to reduce, as far as possible, discharges and emissions, as well as prevent the generation of waste, ensure the recovery of waste and preserve the consumption of natural resources.
  • Train and sensitize employees / suppliers / customers in order to promote their environmental commitment.
  • Exercise a positive, responsible and honest attitude towards the community and promote collaboration with the interested parties, through the material and human resources at our disposal.
  • Promote initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Encourage and allocate resources for the efficient use of energy consumption and promote the consumption of 100% renewable energy

The Management extends this commitment to all employees and those who develop any activity in, or for PINCASA, in order to have all the environmental requirements and comply with the guidelines of this policy, which will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is always adequate to the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of the activities, products and services offered by this organization

Environment Policy

Climate change

At Pincasa we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, we have measured our carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol and we have proposed actions to reduce it.

Source: GHG Protocol

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