Pincasa Services

Pincasa Services

Management of other treatments

Pincasa can offer its clients comprehensive management of the treatments on their parts. We have the utmost confidence suppliers offering services such as, for example, zinc.


In order to provide greater customer service, we can make assemblies to parts that have been pretreated to give to the customer the piece completely finished in the packaging of the final client.

Special checks

Tell us what you want to review in a product and we will train the best possible way for our staff to meet your expectations.

Special packaging

Each part will be packed according to the guidelines that the client defines.

Technical Consulting

Our technicians will resolve any doubt about finishing, specifications or about the advantages of the cataphoresis over other treatments helping to provide a fair value that the customer requires.

Paint removal

This activity is performed using a chemical process. For other types of processes, please, consult.

Final shipping point

To reduce the total cost of the supply chain we can offer the possibility to deliver products from our facility to your customer.

Delivery of parts

We have the means to collect the piece if the customer does not have them. These services can be quoted if you require them.

Other services on demand

Our goal is to become the finishing department of your company. Therefore, some customers have integrated our plant into their management systems by expanding its KANBAN production system.

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