The electrocoating (e-coat) or cathodic electrodeposition is a painting method by dipping  based on the displacement of charged particles in an electric field towards the pole of opposite sign. The translation in Spanish is cataforesis and in German is kataphoretische Tauchlackierung (KTL).

Applying an electrical potential difference, paint molecules break and uniformly deposit on the workpiece (cathode) attracted to their charge.


Pretratamientos: Limpia, desengrasa y prepara la superficie mediante un proceso de conversión.

Pretreatment: Clean, degrease and prepare the surface by a conversion process.

Cataphoresis Bath: In this bath the paint is applied by electroplating process. The bath consists of deionized water at 80% -90% and paint solids (resins and pigments) at 10% -20%. Resin is the main component of the final layer and provides corrosion resistance and durability. The pigments are used to provide the black color and brightness. During this process the layer of paint applied can vary by adjusting the applied voltage. E-coat is epoxy type paint.

Post washes: In these washes the parts are rinsed to remove paint solids that may have been dragged. Excess paint is returned to the cata bath to improve application efficiency

Curing Oven: The layer of paint applied over parts cure during more than 20 minutes at 180 º C

The following gallery shows the process from a part is unpacked until it is packed again and ready for delivery to the customer.


Process stages

Our facility has 9 stages, with most dipping. The best way to ensure compliance with the specifications in electrocoating is to have a robust process and studied time in each process. The most important pre-treatment is the phosphating and in our facility is by immersion.

  1. LOAD
  3. DEGREASING. Immersion
  4. RINSING 1. Immersion.
  5. REFINING. Immersion.
  6. PHOSPHATING tricationic MICROCRISTALINE. Immersion
  7. RINSING 3. Immersión.
  8. RINSING ADR1. Spray
  9. PASSIVATED. Non chromic with Zirconium.
  10. RINSING ADR2. Spray
  11. CATAPHORESIS EPOXI. Immersión in a bath of 60.000 litres
  12. RINSING UFR 1/2/3

A 24 hours maintenance crew is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the facility at all times.

Suppliers from which we received the most support and the best quality products

The used coat is Powercron 6200HE that improves the coverage of sharp edges.

Pincasa uses as catalizer the Dioctyltin Oxide (DOTO), product that is in agreement with IMDS and REACH request and it has not limit use date for e-coating paints.

E-coat facility

  • Theorical Production Capacity: 25.000 m2/day.
  • Maximum dimensions for parts:

Height  1500 mm

Lenght  1300mm

Width      600mm

Other size, please, consult.

  • Thickness film  15 – 40 microns.
  • Pretreatment 9 stages (mostly by dipping) ensuring degreasing and washing the piece.
  • Tricationic microcrystalline phosphating by dipping ensuring better adhesion and corrosion resistance.
  • One of the most important points to ensure the quality is to hang the piece on racks to optimize the performance of the painting. For this we have own workshop to design racks.
  • Our system allows us to paint high volume parts (ie, we have reached 2.5 million pieces of the same reference in a year).
  • Substrates:
    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Electrogalvanised
    • Galvanised
    • Zinc plating
    • Casting, etc.
  • Products:
    • Automotive parts: spare wheel holders, protectors of the braking system, seat parts, engine parts, and others.
    • Speakers, buses, pipe parts, trailer parts, car wash, structures.
  • Our production department plans the production weekly and daily to meet the customer’s demand.


  • Mainly TIER 1 from automotive industry. The parts are assembled on the main OEM (PSA, Mercedes, Renault, VW, Ford, Seat, Volvo,…).
  • Outdoor furnitures, pipes, speakers, thermal solar industry, etc

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