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Our industry area hosts the largest multi-emergency drill practiced in the Valencian Community

VALENCIA (EFE). The Valencian Agency for Security and Emergency Response of the Generalitat has carried out a large multi-emergency drill for chemical and radiological risk that has tested the response capacity of 20 organizations and 250 people in the industrial area of ​​Almussafes (Valencia). The exercise, which has led to the mobilization of these people […]

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Pincasa has installed a AED defibrillator

Since yesterday 11/21/22 Pincasa has a semi-automatic defibrillator (DESA) in its facilities. Pincasa is a company aware of sudden death and they understand that the first minutes are crucial for the survival of the victim. In addition to the installation of AED defibrillators, it is important to take a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course since for CPR […]

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Solidarian race APPI

Last Sunday, September 29, the V Edition of the SOLIDARIAN RACE organized by APPI (Associació D’Empresaris De Parcs I Polígons Industrials -Ribera Baixa-) and the Almussafes Town Hall took place at the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park. Nearly a thousand runners together with the solidarity of dozens of people who bought the dorsal zero and […]

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“Tapones para una nueva vida”®

Pincasa signs an agreement with SEUR Foundation to support the project “Tapones para una nueva vida”® (Bottle caps for a new life). This project involves the collection of plastic caps to help children with health problems. The project “Tapones para una nueva vida”® began in October 2011 and since its inception has grown with great […]

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