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A smile for Christmas

This year Pincasa once again carried out the Solidarity initiative called “A Smile for Christmas” and which was carried out together with the NGO International Cooperation. It was about giving a smile to a group of children from Valencia, who live on the threshold of poverty, simply buying them a gift, which Pincasa workers placed […]

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Adhesion of PINCASA to the UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is an international initiative that promotes the implementation of 10 universally accepted principles to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the areas of Human Rights and Business, Labor Standards, the Environment and the Fight against Corruption in the activities and the business strategy of the companies. Pincasa fully shares these […]

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6th Solidarity day of Blood Donation

Today, the sixth blood donation day was held with the participation of Pincasa, ISE, Almussafes II, and neighboring companies of the Industrial Park (Rte. Cantell, Adecco, etc.) In the first hour the bus has arrived and the donation has begun, which has been extended until after 2:00 p.m. The process consists of filling out a […]

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